Goal Power Coaching launch

4th January 2021

We’re so excited to be launching Goal Power Coaching this month!

Our mission is to provide personalised coaching to enable young female footballers to develop their footballing skills and build confidence in their abilities. 

Having met when our Head Coach Cheryl, coached Katy’s daughter Mia, and Cheryl and Hannah played together for Rugby Borough Women, it didn’t take the three of us long to realise we all had a passion for women’s football and we wanted to do something with that passion.

It isn’t just the love of women’s football that we have in common. We also all believe that young girls should have the same opportunities to excel at football that boys are offered, with strong female role models in the sport to look up to.

Whilst great progress has been made in recent years, young players still struggle to find a girls grassroots football team to join that’s local to them, let alone have the opportunity to be coached by highly qualified female coaches. Coaching isn’t just about skills and performance, its about mentoring, motivation and building self-confidence in those being coached.

Elite football coaching

With so much for girls still to have to contend with, fighting to be included by the boys in lunchtime matches and people assuming as they’re a girl they’ll pursue so called “girls” hobbies (guess what, passion for sport and hobbies is not dictated by gender), we want to provide a coaching environment where girls can learn and work on their skills alongside like minded players who share the same challenges. 

We have a great group of players we’re coaching on a 121 basis or as part of our Elite Coaching sessions. We’re excited to see new faces joining our growing squad of girls with #goalpower.

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