Top gift ideas for young footballers

6th December 2021

It’s that time of year again when you encourage your child to write their Christmas wish list, hoping they don’t ask for this year’s biggest toy/game console craze that’s sold out everywhere, all whilst praying they at least give you some ideas to make your life easier. 

The good news is, if you’ve got a footie fanatic to buy for, we’ve drawn up this list of tried and tested gift ideas for young footballers. A list of helpful and fun gifts that we think every aspiring baller will love and make use of to improve their skills or experience of playing.

The best news? Not everything comes with the price tag of an iPad or PS5…

1. DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

We hear it all the time from parents, we see it with our own children… forever kicking a ball against a wall, forever being told not to do it indoors… well this football gift will be a treat for you too as well as your keen kicker. 

The ‘Smart Soccer Ball’ is designed to be played indoors or out, but instead of tempting your baller to boot it like they’re clearing their line… this spot of genius by DribbleUp is designed to focus on footwork and ball mastery, as your player learns via the app on a tablet or smartphone.

Protect your glassware, check out the Smart Soccer Ball

2. Boot Buddy

The Boot Buddy is a must-have gift for any young footballer. Playing matches on grass, especially in the winter months, can be really messy! But with the Boot Buddy, cleaning that mud off is not only easy, but so fun your young one will be happy to clean their own boots. Studs up to that! 

Now available in a variety of fun colours including yellow, pink, blue and red.

Buy yours with 20% discount code BBGOALPOWER

3. Goal Power casual wear

Support a new up-and-coming, independently owned British brand – Goal Power. We couldn’t do top gift ideas for young footballers without mentioning our own gear now could we?

Our clothing range currently includes t-shirts, hoodies and caps – choose either a classic Goal Power design, or one featuring empowering words for your loved one who loves the best sport in the world.* 

Give them something unique this Christmas, give them GOAL POWER

*in our opinion, anyways.

4. Football rebounder net

Football may be a team sport, but that doesn’t mean your child always needs a teammate to skill up. Solo practice doesn’t have to be boring either with training aids like a football rebounder net. 

Tried and tested by our own PowerSquad, we are fans of the Rapidfire net. It’s a decent bit of kit that won’t take up too much space on your summer lawn, and what’s more – this net easily folds up to store away when not in use and you need your sunbathing patch back. Ahhh sunny days… when do the clocks go forward again?!

Choose from 3 sizes

5. Live football match tickets

At number 5… 5 golden tickets, but not the Willy Wonka sort… we’re talking about tickets to watch a live football match. If you can do anything for your aspiring footballer next year, please please support the rising women’s game and give them the experience of watching their role models live.

Sure, you can watch Women’s Super League matches on live telly nowadays, but why not make a day of it? With ticket prices for ladies football matches so easily available to buy (even Wembley events), and at ridiculously cheap prices (compared to mens games) we know we’ve already sold this idea to you.  

Go on, support the women’s league. Did we mention it’s super cheap? 

6. Laceeze

The perfect stocking filler, the dream come true for referees of junior matches across the country… the incredible Laceeze! 

Pronounced ‘LACE – EASE’ they do just that for your little baller – keep the laces on their football boots tied while they run all over the pitch. Tie them once and slip on the Laceeze bands to secure the laces in place. Never have to tie cold, wet, muddy laces mid-match, or mid-training again!

Referees rejoice!

Available in various colours

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