Premium performance grip socks

Goal Power x Endur Premium Grip Socks

Specifically designed and tested by Endur to provide the right amount of grip, compression and comfort. Designed in the UK, Endur has made and tested 5 different versions to achieve the quality we think is needed for any athlete.

Level up your performance with our premium grip socks.

Padded Cushion Sole
Provides extra comfort

Tall Calf Fit
This reduces the chances of the socks falling down during training and wearing them casually. A taller sock also allows you to insert your shin pads when you playing a game that requires them, like rugby or football.

Reinforced Toe Box
Reduces sock damage from your boots or footwear in a vital and key area.

Endur Tech Grips
Specifically designed to wrap around your foot and heel. It helps with power transfer direction to help increase speed, as well as support. Endur looked at biomedical data from foot heat and pressure sensors to allow increased grip in areas that require it and in the regions that will improve performance.

Compression and Support Zones
Designed in conjunction with our grips. With the support and compression of the sock, the grips reduce medial and lateral movement and vertical and horizontal motion. We have tested to ensure the right amount of compression and support.

One size available – UK 3-5 (youth/adult)



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